Part-time Lecturer
2008-2015     TOKYO ZOKEI UNIVERSITY , Department of Fine Art.
2008-2010  KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN , Department of Information Design
1999-'01      Research program Center For Contemporary Art-CCA Kitakyusyu
1995-99       BA,Tokyo Zokei Univercity of Art and Design 

                    Theme of graduation work  : Quest by composite art format about the relation of the between me and  the world around myself.
1998.10-12  The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Michelangelo Pistoletto class 

On going project
2015            Migrating Books #2 Oslo (Capplens Forslag)
2014            Migrating Books #1 Tokyo (B&B)

Selected Solo Exhibition

2005            Beginning - A view from the space ship  (helpartime, Tokyo)
2003          The Party - You Are Already Within    (OSAKA ARTS APORIA, Osaka) 
2001          Yama no Atosaki (CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro)

Selected Group Exhibition
2020           AICHI⇆ONLINE 
2018           BARBARA, or Ardor ( Grice Bench, Los Angeles )
2007            d.u.m.b.o art under the brdge festival, open studio ( NYC ) 

2006            piano piano  (OSAKA ARTS APORIA, Osaka)
2005            HOSOMI CONTEMPORARY003-Toricol'art (HOSOMI MUSEUM, Kyoto)
2002            HIROSHIMA ART DOCUMENT 2002
                    (the former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch, Hiroshima)
2001            @Port  (N-mark, Nagoya)
                   here.now2000-1997  (Fukuoka city museum, Fukuoka)

                  Imaginary gaze from this side, or from the other side, quietly guiding us all
2000           Continuous Encounters, Endless Expectations (Maeda Studio Gallery, Kitakyusyu)

Stage , Performance work

2013        Good timing  (WWFes 2013 / Tokyo) 
              W.I.P.  Shape and Violence Parade Me Vol.3 Live session (OSANBASHI YOKOHAMAinternational passenger terminal / YOKOHAMA)
2012         W.I.P.  Shape and Violence Parade Me Vol.1~2 (OSANBASHI YOKOHAMA internationalpassenger terminal / YOKOHAMA)
2011        Swarm survives, continuing having me and release me.(Arts chiyoda 3331, Tokyo)
                Dancing Self Theory (WWFes 2011 Asahi Art Scueare, Tokyo)
                Swimming in OTONOUMI (Tsumari)
2010        Dropping-by (Komaba Theater, Tokyo)
           Exploring Performances Experimentally (WWFes 2010, Tokyo)
2009        It seems to be myspace     (Komaba Theater, Tokyo)
           Play Away (Shibuya/Tokyo)
                Voice Snow White 10 (WWFes, Tokyo)

2007        Garden AGORA 2007 (Winter summit 2006  Agora Theater, Tokyo) 

                Ambigous gift (Lecture Performance/Musashino art Univ., Tokyo)  

Lecture, Wrokshop

2015       Presentation ( MA Choreography, Academy of Fine Art - Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo) 
2012       Evono Kids Work shop-Digital application for Onomatopoeia- (Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo)
2011       Open communication -Linguistics and Art-Open communication project, Tokyo
               Ether Swimming School- Science and Art - (Pen and Point, Tokyo)
2010       "The workshop which makes sympathy” (Pen and Point, Tokyo)
2007       A sound installation and body (Agora Theater, Tokyo) 
2006    Memory and body Sumida Ward Terashima third Elementary School, Tokyo) 


2010      The border which performs an interaction feat. Artist Yu HARA (LA GALERIE DES NAKAMURA, Tokyo)

Awards and Grants
2014       Allotment Travel Award 2014
1999       Research Fellowship, CCA KItakyusyu
1998       Toklyo Zokei University Exchange Student Fellowship for The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna


2014       Emergency INDEX 2013 (Editors Yelena Gluzman and Sophia Cleary, NYC )